Up Coming Lakorn !

Lom Sorn Ruk
Starting:” Nadech Kugimiya & Patricia Good & Taew Nattaporn”
Feb. 26, 2015

Nang Chada
Starting: Mai davika, Kan Kantathaworn
Airing: Mon-Tuesday after Ban Sila Dang March 17, 2015

Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawart
Starting: Kwan Usamanee, Tui Theerapat.
Airing: Wed-Thursday after Khat Cheuak March 25, 2015

Won Sawaat
Starting: Pancake Khemanit, Thanwa Suriyajak
Airing: Fri-Sun after Pla Lhong Fah March 20, 2015

Leh Ratree (Remake)
Starting:”Sean&Esther and Gypsy&Jett”
Airing: March 5, 2015

Mafia Luerd MungKorn
Starting:”Andrew&Taew”&”Ananda&Kimberly”&”Boy&Janie”&”Tik&Mew N.”&”Ken.&Cherry”
Airing: March 10, 2015

Bussaba Tah Reua
Starting: Pimmy Pimprapa, Nam Rapeepat
Airing: After Chap Kang March 18, 2015 Mon-Fri.

Neung Nai Suang
Starting:”Yaya Urassaya & Jame Jirayu”
Coming Soon!

Ka Badin
Starting: “Jame Ma & Matt Peeranee”
Coming Soon!

Sapai Sai Lab
Starting:”First Ekkaphong & Kat Nicharat”
Filming >>>Filming.

Buang Atitharn
Starting:”Mark Prin & Patricia Good & Yardthip”

Kol Kimono
Starting:”Ken Phupoom, Chompoo Araya, Bird Thongchai)

Starting:”Micheal&Nao and Om&Pooklook”

Sood Kaen Saen Ruk
Starting:”Rome Patchata, Donut Manatsunan”

Tai Ngao Jan
Starting:” Great Warinton, Margie Rasri”

Por Krua Hua Pa
Starting: Louise Scott, Preem Ranida

Patiharn Ruk Karm Kob Fah
Starting: Mai Warit, Mew Laknara

Sapai Jao
Starting: Pope Thanawat, Namtarn Pichukhana

Peun Ruk Puen Rissaya
Starting: Kong K., Noon W., Lydia S., Cris H.

Tarm Rak Keun Jai
Starting: Nadech K. & Mew Nittha

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    • shariayashfi
    • May 31st, 2014

    Cooolll waiting for Kim and Mark starring drama,”aab ruk online”.


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    • Susy
    • January 16th, 2014

    Hi do you know the sypnosis about Fay nai wa yu and Jao sao salatan ?


    • Fai Nai Wayu- Aum plays the eldest son and heir of a wealthy family. His stepmother and her own son conspire to take over the estate. They make him believe that he killed his own brother by his stepmother. Therefore he escapes to a farm tormenting himself with his feelings of guilt. The only daughter of the farm who is played by Matt shows him kindness and sincerity which slowly helps him to recover.
      Jao Sao Salatan- The mysterious disappearance of the oldest twin made Khemika go into Lerdwiriya Mansion, in which belongs to Chanon to find out the truth. The truth thats most shocking that the young lady herself couldnt believe since she almost couldnt survive herself. It was a stormy night down by the beach in Rayong, Ingorn was suppose to meet up with her fling to come pick her up, taking her baby twins with her but Jumpol, her father-in-law, saw her and was able to snatch Khemika [Kwan Usamanee], the youngest twin. As for Kwanta [Kwan Usamanee], the oldest twin, Ingorn was able to take with her. Bunthit, Ingorns husband ran after her, heart almost shattered into pieces. 18 years later, Chanon [Om Akapan] owner of perfume factory. Juang Jan, which is the most well known in Thailand brought Kwanta, his soon to be bride to promote his latest perfume product in Rayong. There, Bunthit finally meets Kwanta, his oldest twin daughter. He followed her to Krungthep and both finally meet but someone recorded the two hugging. Bunthit said his goodbye to his daughter without knowing it will be his last goodbye. On Chanon & Kwantas wedding night, Pracha [Matthew Dean], Chanons secretary and his fellow minions kidnapped Kwanta to kill her off into the ocean. Before she died, Kwanta had called her father to come help her. Rushing off in the stormy weather, Bunthit got into a car accident, the same time a leaked clip of Kwanta hugging another man was all over the internet. This scandal caused a lot of damage to the Lerdwiriya family. Chanon was very sadden by the scandal, he left overseas to mend his broken heart. Bunthit was unconscious for 3 months but suddenly woke up to say goodbye to his daughter and tells Khem to not get in touch with those people. Loving her grandfather so much, Khem decides not to go investigate about Kwanta but after her fathers funeral, Kwanta came into Khems dream. The next day, Khem went to the same hotel Chanon was promoting his fragrance and saw a poster of Kwanta. She was shock to see the woman in the poster was the same woman she dreamt of last night. Khem disguise herself as a boy with the help of Yothin[Thanwa Suriyajak], her best friend, dropped her off at Chanons factory. Khem found out her sister just mysteriously disappeared. She meets Chanon and he almost caught her disguising herself. Khemika decides to go into Lerdwiriya Mansion to investigate but ends up meeting Waewnin, Chanons little sister, kicked her out, thinking it was Kwanta who ran away with her fling. Chanon saw Khem sleeping and thought she was Kwanta. Khem took the opportunity to pretend to be Kwanta and denied the allegation of having a fling but Chanon still wants a divorce. Khem lied that she got into an accident and hit her head that she doesnt remember anything. Chanon thought of kicking Khem out but Kenggart [Amm Patinya] the annoying reporter came to interview about the broken marriage between Kwanta and Chanon. Chanon was afraid the news will affect his perfume factory so he lied that their love is still sweet and about Kwanta running away with her lover was just a misunderstanding. This made Khem stay at the mansion as Chanons wife. One night, Khem smell a scent of a perfume and followed the scent and saw Chanon acting suspicious behind their house. Chanon got mad and told Khem not to come near this place anymore which got Khem suspicious. One day she found out that Chanon locked up Men, the son of Monta, Waewnins nanny. Men is a dysfunctional person and would hurt people when his symptoms arise after getting threaten by someone he is too afraid to tell anyone. Waewnin and Montha tries everyway to kick Khem out of the house so her best friend Priya [Cat Seffany] can marry Chanon. When Pracha found out that Kwanta was still alive, he proceeds more of his plan to kill her. As for Khem, she continues to investigate with the help of her best friend Junya [Som Thansinee] and found out Kwanta had a lot of enemies like Ing, daughter of a veteran worker at the factory. Yothin was afraid Khem might be in danger so he threatens to tell Jumpol, her grandfather, that she disguised herself into Lerdwiriya Mansion. Khem was shock so she had to agree to get engaged to Yothin after the case has been solved about Kwanta. Yothin agreed and pretends to be a roomboy at a hotel where Priya works at so he can send news to Khem. Priya didnt get along with Yothin and as days passed, Yothin and Priya gotten closer and Yothin starts to have feelings for Priya without realizing it. Khem found out that Priya and Chanon were in love and thought that Chanon was just accusing Kwanta of such rumors so that he can be with Priya. One day Khem went searching down the basement and found a secret ingredient of the perfume that Chanon had hidden. It was Juang Jan, the perfume that Pracha wanted to steal. Chanon caught her and took the perfume to hide it elsewhere, which got Pracha mad since it will be harder for him to steal it now. One day Chanon wasnt home and Pracha, wearing all black went into the house and tried to kill Khem and both fought. Chanon came home in time to save her, Khem got stabbed while Pracha got away. This incident made Pracha realize that Kwanta was a fake. Chanon looked after Khem and notice the red birthmark[ Im not sure if its called a birthmark] On the back of Kwantas neck was gone and he now wonder who is this woman. Whoever she was, he was certain that she has something to do with the disappearance of Kwanta. So he kept quiet and continues to observe her. Khem was all better and found some evidence that Men might have knew something about Kwantas disappearance. She snuck into his room and found a picture taken by his cell phone of someone in black carrying an unconscious Kwanta in the car. Khem tries to connect all the pieces of evidence she knows together. Meanwhile Yothin tells Khem to return back to Rayong since her grandfather found out about her disguising herself. On her way back, she was cut off in the streets by Pracha, same incident that had happen to Kwanta. He drugged her, tied both her hands and feet together and threw her into the ocean. Khem drowned and saw the body of her dead sister. Right before Khem loses her breath, Kwantas spirit had Chanon coming to rescue Khem. Pracha got away again. Chanon now knows Kwanta is dead. Khem confess to Chanon who she was, both of them held a secret funeral for Kwanta and decided to join forces into finding who is the killer. Pracha is furious and plans to kill Khem once more but this time, he will make everyone think that Waewnin and Montha was the killer. Khem felt sorry for Chanon so she didnt press charges but Chanon refuse. If his sister and her nanny does something bad, they should get punish. While getting locked up, Khem tries to help Waewnin and she finally confess to Khem that she was the one that leaked the clip of Kwanta but she doesnt know who sent it to her. Ingorn came back to Thailand to look for her daughter and met Khem who was still disguising herself as Kwanta. She found out it wasnt Kwanta but Khemika, the youngest sister. It was around the time Pracha pretends to get closer to Ingorn to find out if Kwanta had a twin or not. He found out the truth and hurt Ingorn that she became paralyzed. He stole a picture and wanted to expose Khem to the public and at the same time, Kwantas spirit still lingering for revenge. Khem wants to contact Kwanta but couldnt so Priya takes Khem to a hypnotist and Kwanta told Khem about everything in the past. Khem is now sure the murderer is Pracha because Yothin gave her some kind of evidence. Chanon wants the police to arrest him red handed killing someone himself during the banquet of his new perfume launch. In the banquet, Pracha told the public that Kwanta was a fake and is here to leech off money and demands police to arrest her. Chanon helped by turning the lights off and Khem pretended to be the ghost of Kwanta, choking on Prachas neck. Pracha fought back and was choking Khem. When the lights turned back on, everyone saw and heard. Pracha ran out of the bangquet and bumped into Waewnin. He decided to kidnap her. Waewnin was tormented and was force to use drugs. Pracha threaten for her to kill Khem. Waewnin pretends to agree and switches the plan to kill Pracha herself instead. Khem came to help and almost died herself. Chanon followed afterwards and tells Pracha to surrender. Pracha had expose some secrets before taking his own life. Waewnin was no longer a suspect for murder and went into rehab. Khem took her mom to Rayong and Granpa Jumpol forgave Ingorn. Chanon have finally moved on from Kwanta and realized he loves Khem but wasnt brave to break up with Priya. Priya appreciated how a gentlemen he was being so she decided to break up with him instead. Chanon rushes off to Rayong to find Khem but Grandpa Jumpol doesnt welcome him because he doesnt want Khem to have the same husband as her sister. Yothin also reminded Khem about the promise she made to him about getting engage. On the engagement day, Chanon snuck into to see Khem and confess his love. Grandpa Jumpol wants Chanon to get out of Khems life so he told him and Yothin to have a swimming contest. Whoever wins gets to be with his granddaughter. Chanon fought his hardest and eventually won. But Khem refuse, claiming love isnt a sports game where you make a decision base on who wins or loses. Khem told Chanon to go home. 3 months passed and Chanon saw Khem on TV giving out interview. On the show, Khem said she was single and not married yet because her fiancée ran off. Chanon was happy that Khem didnt marry Yothin so he drove to Rayong with a wedding ring. When he got there, he found out that Khem took a boat and went riding at the ame time, a storm was coming. Jumpol wanted to go look for his granddaughter but Chanon told the worker to hold on to him, afraid he might be in danger while out there. Chanon went to go look for Khem with Jumpols minions and saved Khem. So will Grandpa Jumpol soften up and give his granddaughter to Chanon, you will have to stay tune.
      *The story line might not be the same.


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